ProForma Partners
ProForma has selected a premier group of healthcare professionals and technologies to provide expertise and services for the support of ACO development.  Our partners include:

HealthCHEC Technologies is the leading provider of High Touch High Technology mobile tools to improve outreach programs of the major healthcare providers and government agencies.  HealthCHEC solutions can dramatically improve your HEDIS measures and NCQA ratings by creating an accurate database of all Medicare enrollees and reconnecting them to the network.  When hard to reach at-risk minority and low-income populations of elderly and children no longer participate in our healthcare system, they are not just the source of health disparities but, without early education and detection, they are more likely to become a preventable cost burden on the system.  Our advanced analytics can uncover the causes of being disconnected and the data helps us make pragmatic recommendations about how to correct the problems in the future. 
We are world-class medical professionals, public health practitioners, technologists, development activists, entrepreneurs, and business strategists  to bring new dimensions to addressing these challenges using mobile phones. As mobile phone coverage extends to all corners of the world, mobile-phone based health services are becoming increasingly ubiquitous for connecting different layers of the public health infrastructure, enabling real-time collection of health data and remote diagnosis of patients by medical experts.

Our innovative mobile health (mHealth) platform connects health service providers, reduces cost of service delivery, and optimally utilizes tiers of existing health system for patient care. A community health-worker or a clinic nurse with a Click-enabled mobile phone is able to act as the primary agent for service delivery, as she is connected to the mHealth platform and the entire health system.

Healthcare Management Advisors' mission is to assist and advise healthcare organizations by offering innovative solutions to complex healthcare reform issues. Specifically, Healthcare Management Advisors' 
professional staff has deep experience in healthcare finance, operations and policy and the strategic vision to create your sustainable Accountable Care Organization.

Integral Information Systems is the company that created the PinPoint Navigator and FTE Prime.  A unique business analytic software that allows amazingly fast and scalable queries into any database.  With Navigator, your entire staff can see how their performance affects your organization and its alignment with the Accountable Care Organization model.  Instantly, informed decision-making is spread throughout your medical community leading to faster and improved response to your patient's needs.