Our Return on Reform™ is designed to get results that go well beyond compliance.  ProForma Healthcare Solutions partners with a select group of professionals and partners can help you implement the strategies, processes and technologies that deliver new forms of revenue, service delivery performance and cost savings.  Our team can work with your resources to integrate and transition the new business models uncovered by the Integrated Healthcare Organization Value Map build-out.  Each step leverages years of experience managing complex projects and guiding people through change.  Seldom has there been a period in US history that has been more tumultuous for healthcare providers than today.  With the deadlines for compliance with PPACA's many requirements approaching fast, many healthcare providers will need help to clear those hurdles.  
  That assistance may come in many different forms.

Delivering on RoR does not occur because we simply know the rules better than anyone else.  It happens because we take an innovative approach to every project so that its objectives are met faster and with less burden on busy administrators and physicians.  It is not enough to just plan for the changes coming down the road.  To successfully get a return on your efforts, your organization must be proactive in the markets it serves and attract physicians and practitioners, and possibly other healthcare providers, with clear vision and direction.