Performance by Design™

ProForma Healthcare Solutions' consultants have had decades of experience working with clients to successfully implement strategies for sustainable growth.  This means bringing people, finance and technology together in perfect alignment to make your organization successful.  Everyone must play a part. 
Our Balanced Scorecard system of measurements allows administrators and physicians to focus on patient wellness and quality of care.  These measurements are designed to be individually focused but in the aggregate drive the Value Based measurements in the Act.  Our ongoing analysis of your organization's resource, operational and financial constraints is then incorporated in to Growth Initiatives within the scorecard to allow your staff to participate in innovative solutions.  Solutions that enable you and your team to see and understand the results of Performance by Design™. 

The process starts with our Integrated Healthcare Organization Value Map.  This map is a comprehensive look across your organization that prompts your executive management team to ask the questions that lead to stakeholder value.  Managing the expectations of all of the  IHO's patients, extended operations, partners and suppliers is a daunting task.  Nonetheless, it is a task that every IHO must not just execute but exceed at. 

ProForma has taken a very different approach to solving this strategic need for today's IHO.  While others focus on components of the model that drive complex IT implementations or ineffective financial restructuring, ProForma understands holistically that your organization needs to be building its future while managing its day-to-day operations without stop.  We have carefully prepared solutions that can accomplish that goal and more.